The International Advisory Board advices the Scientific Program Committee and consists of the following people.

Ben Feringa (chair) – Honorary Chair IUPAC2023 – The Netherlands, Europe

Soon Ting Kueh – Chair IUPAC2025 – Malaysia, Asia

Neil Burford – Chair IUPAC2021 – Canada, North America

Javier Garcia-Martinez – IUPAC President – Spain, Europe

Christopher M.A. Brett – IUPAC Past-President – Portugal, Europe

Richard Hartshorn – IUPAC Secretary General – New Zealand, Oceania

Hans-Georg Weinig – GDCh/OPCW – Germany, Europe

Amy Prieto – Colorado State University – USA, North America

Jackie Ying – A-Star – Singapore, Asia

Johanna Aizenberg – Harvard University – USA, North America

Natalia Tarasova – D. I. Mendeleev University – Russia, Europe/Asia

Ewine van Dishoeck – Leiden University – The Netherlands, Europe