Chemistry at the Molecular Frontiers

Sensing at the frontiers: perspectives from chemistry and digitization
Organizer: Karin Schroen (Wageningen UR, the Netherlands)

Bringing supramolecular materials to life
Organizer: Roxanne Kieltyka (University of Leiden, the Netherlands), João Borges (University of Aveiro, Portugal), Matt Baker (University of Maastricht, the Netherlands)

Quantum Chemical (+ AI) Elucidation of Organic Reactivity
Organizer: Trevor A. Hamlin (VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

DNA Nanostructures in Biology
Organizer: Bauke Albada (Wageningen UR, the Netherlands)

Mechanochemical applications for sustainable synthesis
Organizer: Evelina Colacino (University of Montpellier II, France), Carsten Bolm (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), Wilfried Braje (AbbVie, Germany)

Chemistry related to Health

Addressing antibiotic resistance – the silent pandemic
Organizer: Eefjan Breukink (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)

Are we prepared for the next pandemic? The role of computational chemistry in the mitigation of infectious diseases from characterization of emerging pathogens to drug development
Organizer: Ingrid Guarnetti Prandi (University of Tuscia, Italy)

Targeting toxic proteins for detection and destruction
Organizer: Patrick van der Wel (University of Groningen, the Netherlands)

Toward the next-generation of macrocyclic-peptide therapeutics
Organizer: Clemens Mayer (University of Groningen, the Netherlands)

Design of protein cages
Organizer: Sandra Michel-Souzy (University of Twente, the Netherlands)

Chemistry related to Sustainability

Electrocatalysis and the synthesis of high-value chemicals
Organizer: Marta Costa Figueiredo (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands), Amanda Garcia (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

New plastics circular by design
Organizer: Arnaud Thevenon (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)

Development of new reaction pathways towards Green Chemistry
Organizer: Pietro Tundo (Green Sciences for Sustainable Development Foundation, Italy)

A Sustainable Planet and Society
Organizer: Margaret Mills (American Chemical Society, USA), Neil Scriven (Royal Society of Chemistry)

Prospects of CO2 capture & activation for a circular chemical industry
Organizers: Elena Höppener (TNO, NL), Ruud van Ommen (Delft University of Technology, NL),  Martin van Sint Annaland (Eindhoven University of Technology, NL)

Smart & Energy Materials

Theory and modelling of perovskites for energy applications
Organizer: Shuxia Tao (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands)

Dynamical molecular systems for brain-inspired computing
Organizers: Albert Wong (University of Twente, the Netherlands), Christian Nijhuis (University of Twente, the Netherlands)

Complex metal oxides for energy applications
Organizer: Anja Bieberle-Hütter (DIFFER, the Netherlands)

Materials and interfaces for Next-generation batteries
Organizer: Peter Ngene (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)

Electrical energy storage in redox flow batteries: molecules, materials and mechanisms
Organizer: Edwin Otten (University of Groningen, the Netherlands)

Ethics, Education & Society

Towards responsible use of machine learning in chemistry
Organizer: Lotte Asveld (Delft University of Technology)

Crafting an ethical framework for global chemistry
Organizer: Mary Garson (University of Queensland, Australia / IUPAC)

Make the good choice! Ethics and dual use in chemistry
Organizer: Matteo Guidotti (Cnr-scitec, Italian National Research Council, Italy)

Meeting the modern challenges of chemical weapons
Organizer: Raychelle Burks (American University, USA)

Systems thinking as a linchpin in chemistry education
Organizer: Felix Ho (Uppsala University)

Women in chemical security and safety
Organizer: Elisa Souza Orth (Federal University of Paraná, Brazil / OPCW)