Congress Managers

Dr. Nadine Mascini (NWO)

Nadine works as a programme manager for the Dutch Research Foundation (NWO) since 2016. After a PhD in bioanalytical chemistry she decided to commit herself to advancing scientific research from outside academia. She enjoys organizing events for the scientific community and has several years’ experience with organising the largest Dutch chemistry conference CHAINS. She is looking forward integrating CHAINS in the 2023 edition of the world chemistry congress.

“I see IUPAC|CHAINS2023 as an unique opportunity to bring together the Dutch and international chemistry community.”

Frank Sekeris, MSc (KNCV)

Frank holds a passion for science and organizing activities and events. After finishing his education, with a bachelor Biology and a master Science Communication, he started working as a project leader for the Delft University of Technology. Since 2017 he has been organizing activities and events for the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV) and is currently a programme coordinator. In 2019 he was involved in the organization of the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT2019) as an office manager.

“Connecting people brings a smile to my face. Being a Congress Manager of IUPAC|CHAINS2023 gives me the chance to do so.”

Event support

Drs. Renée Calon MA (NWO)

Renée works as an event assistant for the Dutch Research Foundation (NWO). She assists in organising and coordinating larger scale scientific events such as the annual NWO Biophysics, Physics, CHAINS, Life and ICT.Open meetings.

Excited to be part of the organising team of IUPAC|CHAINS and motivated to assist in setting up an inspiring, exciting and memorable experience for all participants.

Dr. Mark Hoorens (NWO)

Mark works as a program manager at NWO. He has a PhD in organic chemistry and in his current role at NWO he enjoys to support and connect the chemical community. Here, Mark was part of the organizing committee of NWO CHAINS 2022. Prior to his role at NWO, Mark was president of the Young Chemists section of the KNCV. He is happy to see NWO and KNCV join forces for the organization of IUPAC|CHAINS2023.

“IUPAC|CHAINS2023 will be a celebration of the beauty of Chemistry”

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